WaveJet jets on a surboard
Garrett Mcnamarra, Cory Lopez, and Jesse Billauer
Surfers protecting Surfers
WaveJet surfboard with jets
Cory Lopez on a WaveJet

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Oct 16


All I have to say is that it is nice to get wet again!  As a 29 year old man and growing up in Southern...

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Oct 08

WaveJet is simply fun

As kids we all dreamed of things in a different way, which surf spot would be next, what move you would do or...

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Oct 02

WaveJet - “Think about...

It's funny, but there are times when you hear someone say something and you just can't believe the stuff that comes out of people's mouths. I write this because I recently had a chance to meet the crew from WaveJet, and while I was speaking with them and learning about their technology I overheard a guy telling one of the guys from WaveJet that he would never try a WaveJet, because it wasn't surfing. After hearing this statement, I asked if...

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Sep 25

Progress is All Around

There seems to be a certain sparkle in the air.  Progress is all around.  A new season (happy autumn, as of Sunday!), a new website (hope you guys like it – we are stoked with the results!), a new head office (if you are ever in SoCal, we’ll give you a tour and take you out on a WaveJet – just let us know!), a new and exciting trip to Portugal and opportunity for WaveJet team rider, Garrett McNamara to find and surf the biggest waves in the...

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